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Spirit of the Forest

This was made for Allegorithmic's the Beast contest held on Polycount. [Link to thread; ]

The beast has 4x1k texture sets split evely for horns, mask, body and neck. The mesh has a total of 22,5k tris.
The pedestal has 1x1k texture set, and 2,5k tris. The separate stone has a 512 set and has 414tris.
Mostly baked in Substance Designer 4, textured in Substance Painter, sculptedin ZBrush, low-poly meshes made with Blender with the exception for the horns. Horns were uv'd in 3ds max out of ZRemeshed mesh.

Teppo ylitalo screenshot085
Teppo ylitalo screenshot088
Teppo ylitalo screenshot089
Teppo ylitalo thebeast uv
Teppo ylitalo thebeast uv enviro