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Asset showcases for Cramped Room / My Room

Here are some of the props for the scene I have been working on; The room I am accommodating right now.
A little bit of background here;
The space is crowded and filled with things and trinkets. The table is filled with different old acrylics, glue and whatnot. The rest of the room is as by designed by my mother. The space is the only one I can accommodate without consent to hear my mother mumbling things to herself (which she starts if someone's around), and the other doors are to wardrobe and my grandfather's side of the house. Recently, his joys have mostly consisted of vodka and lying on the couch, sometimes for weeks in a row.
My workflow for this scene was to export the basic material library in 512 resolution out of Painter. After this, I started modeling and making materials with the materials I had gotten to my library. I used some shader tricks, and using location objects for some displace-modifiers, and ended up baking a couple of textures down. All of the sub-d work has been done in Blender, and only the retroviewer has gone through Substance Painter to get further texture treatment. I wanted to pick up some of the keener detail of objects, such as stickers, labels, where the plastic molds have had edges and so forth. I also wanted to showcase how I see thicknesses and silhouettes of objects. Ohh, and I picked up Blender quite well, I believe. For modeling, rendering, and baking materials for lower resolution objects (both Textools and Cycles baking). I also dabbled in particles and simulations.
The renders are from Blender, captured with Eevee renderer.