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Basement Scene || Asset Renders

Since doing the breakdown, I have been met with how the assets look and are handled individually. To showcase the work put a bit more in detail, here are some renders of props I made for my basement scene along with clay and wire render GIFs as well as textures.

For this project, I used baseColor, Normal and channel packed Metallic-Roughness-Occlusion into one texture. On top of this, I had some small implications to add a soft dirt/color layer with Unreal's generated Ambient Occlusion to add a bit more of them feeling together. The effect remained rather subtle until the finish so the assets look pretty much the same as in Unreal.

For software, I used mostly Painter for trims as well as to some tileables. It's a bit easier to tweak the tileable to match the trim when they are viewed in the same viewport and both can be adjusted at the same time.